NYC Day 2

The fun continued yesterday. So much to do and see! I have no idea how we’ll get it all done.

After I started this blog while waiting for Alexa yesterday, we ate…

Lunch – at Klong. I felt very adventurous trying Thai food. It was so yummy and our lunch specials came with coconut ice cream. Delicious!

Harry Potter Exhibit – It’s on tour at the Discovery Museum near Times Square. We completely nerded out seeing all the props and costumes from the movies. It was so neat! I wish I could’ve taken photos, but it wasn’t allowed. The coolest things by far were all the characters wands. I contemplated purchasing one, but decided it probably wasn’t too useful in daily life :/

Toys R Us – also located in Times Square. It’s four stories high, so we didn’t get to everything, but we did enjoy running around Barbie’s dream house. Oh childhood memories :]

Dinner – grabbed some light fare from Hummus Place. We didn’t want to fill up too much because we were going to…

Max Brenner – for the most amazing dessert ever! Several of Alexa’s friends have birthdays this week, so we went out to celebrate. They were all so nice. The kept asking me what I “really” thought of Alexa. I informed them that, of course, I don’t like her to much and I am using her solely for a place to stay while I’m here 😉 Here is a pic of the fabulous fondue that I shared with my “friend”

As you can see, all the yummy things we dipped into the melted chocolate were gone at this point…but trust me, the spread looked really good!

That’s about everything that took place yesterday. We’re about to head out for lunch now.
Thanks for reading! ❤


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