NYC Day 3

Day 3 officially came to an end about 5 minutes ago, so let’s do a recap, shall we?

Lunch – the best way to start the day, right? (sleeping through breakfast time makes this trip a whole lot cheaper) We dined at Shake Shack, right across from the Natural History Museum. The line was long, and getting a table was hard, but it was definitely worth it!

Museum – At the lovely student rate of 50 cents, I was able to view dinosaurs, African Mammals, Asian Mammals, Ocean life, the Hall of Biodiversity (which is a super condensed stuffed zoo), and the precious gems. Didn’t see anything come to life, but I’d obviously have to be there at night for that ;]

Shopping – There’s no avoiding it. I had to go to H&M, because it’s not in Omaha. After taking 8 things in the dressing room, I escaped with just a belt and a pair of shoes. You’re welcome Daddy!

Dinner – 4 cheese Macaroni courtesy of S’mac! It was pretty rich and heavy, so I only ate about half, but it was good.

Dessert – I somehow made room for some yummy pastries from the world famous Veniero’s. I wanted to devour absolutely everything in the case, but I decided on an eclair, a Napoleon, and a chocolate covered strawberry tart. They lasted a grand total of 30 in the box. Just long enough for me to snap a pick!

I do realize this post is mostly about food, but it was the star of the show. The adventures of my stomach and me continue in the morning! …more like early afternoon, let’s be real. Stay tuned!


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