NYC Day 4

Finally took a day to relax! Well…kind of. It was just slightly less intense than the first 3 days of my trip. Starting with…

Brunch – At Odessa Cafe. Huge portions of french toast and bacon. Awesome diner food. My happiness can be seen here:

Resting – Alexa had to return to school for awhile, so I just hung out and got some phone calls made. Very businesslike. In case you’re wondering, I’m leaving for DC at 11am on Friday!

Broadway – We tried once again for lottery tickets to Wicked, but were not lucky. Instead, we took a stroll through central park, and headed back to the East Village for Dinner at…

Veselka – a Ukrainian restaurant just down the street from Alexa’s current apartment. I tried perogies for the first time ever, lovely little fried dumplings filled meat, cheese, spinach, etc. Like baby hot pockets. Except they tasted good. Really good :]

After that, we just hung out and read. I finally got hooked on iBooks on my phone. My goal is to read 30 books this summer. 2 down already! :]

Today is gonna be a fabulous, fancy day. Can’t wait to update tonight!


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