And the work begins…

Seeing as how I don’t work on Fridays (yeah, be jealous) I figured it was about time to blog about my first full week here. We won’t start using a regular work schedule until after next week, so I’m not sure what that routine will be like just yet, but I had a lot of fun learning about Dance Place and what some of my jobs will be. They include: sweeping, mopping, stocking bathroom supplies, answering phones, faxing, and replacing printer ink cartridges (and the jealousy continues). It’s cool to see how everyone’s roles help Dance Place grow and provide more opportunities to the community. I’m really excited for camp to start in June. I’ll be providing pre-camp care for kids between 7 and 9 am. I’ve been warned that they tend to be very lively early in the morning, so I’ll be sure to grab my coffee daily.

After our training today, all the interns went out to dinner together and it was a blast. I’m really starting to get to know everyone and I’m so happy that I get to spend Memorial Day Weekend with them. It’s gonna be awesome!

In the spirit of my adventurous summer, I’m going to try to include the most adventurous thing I do in every post. Today’s adventure: baking cookies in a toaster oven. It only took 5 batches, but they were delicious :]

❤ Jana


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