Dance Africa!

Lucky lucky interns around here. We get rolling with our jobs just in time to help with the biggest event Dance Place hosts all year! This weekend was the finale to the week long Dance Africa festival. We had numerous dance companies and vendors come from all over to participate. With 7 performances in 3 days and several outdoor demonstrations, we were a busy bunch. It drew a big crowd, and it was really cool to see the energy generated among people from this neighborhood and the larger DC area. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to help people at the front desk and over the phone. It was a long couple of days, but well worth the effort!

That last picture on the right is the front view of Dance Place. Hard to believe we have a theater that seats 160 in there, huh?

Today began the first “regular” work week, but there’s always something new going on. This weekend I’ll be ushering two shows and studio managing. SO glad to be busy :] Also, adventurous thing of this week: taking a hip hop class on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Much love, Jana


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