So the more I write, the more I see this turning into a blog entirely about food. One of the interesting things about having a lot of free time is that I get to go on little adventures in the city to find food as well as experiment as I cook for myself. Yesterday and today I make my goal to find cupcakes, and I succeeded!

Yesterday, I ventured to the Columbia Heights area to locate Sticky Fingers Bakery. I had seen it on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, and was really excited to find myself in their cute retro cafe. What I didn’t realize was that they are an entirely vegan establishment. So I bravely consumed a cupcake made without milk or eggs!

Clearly, I found it disgusting…

Not as mindblowing as I really wanted it to be, but I liked it. It’s a cupcake, what’s not to like?

Today, I went to Chinatown in search of a better cupcake, and I ran into Crumbs. I wanted to take a picture of the case, but pictures weren’t allowed – no joke. Anyway, I selected the double chocolate cupcake (because I’m very calorie conscious) and managed to wait til I got all the way home to devour it!

It was really yummy, and I liked it more than Sticky Fingers, but it was almost sickeningly sweet. I wasn’t too crazy about the frosting, but I ate it all :]

In conclusion, the hunt for the best cupcake in the DC area is still on. Lucky for me, I have two months left to find it.

Happy Eating!  – Jana

PS >> most adventurous thing: are you blind? VEGAN CUPCAKE


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