ChicagOmaha and back again

I had an AMAZING week of visiting! The traveling standby part was really stressful, but it was 100% worth getting to come home for a little while. Got to spend a whirlwind day and a half in Chicago with the Coburn family, and then proceeded to Omaha for Roberts family time and the College World Series! That stadium sure can trap some heat, but amazingly, I avoided a sun burn. Can’t say the same for Brett…but hey…it happens. Made a surprise pit stop back in Chicago on the way to DC, but I got to my house eventually. Unfortunately, my suitcase made it to Baltimore without me, so when I flew into DC, I had to take my first city bus in order to get it back. I’ll really have to go back to Baltimore and spend more than 5 minutes there, because it seemed pretty nice.

Since the big trip, I’ve been back at work and summer camp has begun! We have about 40 children running around the studio space and office building. We desperately need the second studio to open next door, because it is crowded! Since I’m the only camp staff member who wasn’t here last summer, none of the kids can seem to remember my name, but they’re all really friendly. They are also surprisingly energetic at 7am. I think 2 hours is just the right amount of time for me to be with them. It’s actually nice to come up to the office for some quiet afterward (except there’s still singing and African drumming blaring outside).

I’m getting all excited for Brett to arrive on Thursday so I have an excuse to do some touristy things! We’re gonna have so much fun!

And also, since it just wouldn’t be a Jana post without a picture of some food, here is a peanut butter and banana panini with sweet potato fries that I had at Busboys & Poets the other day. It seriously blew my mind!
        ❤ Jana


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