Meeting Warren Buffett

This is pretty old news, but I promised my dad some time ago that I would document the epic experience that was meeting Mr. Buffett.


How did you get to meet Warren Buffett?
>>> I was one of many business students invited to an event that Mr. Buffett hosts annually. About 6 times a year, he will invite groups of students from different universities to be part of a question and answer session followed by lunch and a photo session. Creighton had 20 spots for students, and I emailed back very very quickly.

What was he like?
>>> Warren was great. He was witty and obviously very knowledgeable about everything that was asked. He commented openly about his personal life as well as his experience in the business world. However, he refused to tell us what stocks he was trading.

Did you get any good advice?
>>> Yes. The most memorable quote from the day was, “Always try to marry up and hope that the other person isn’t trying to do the same thing.” I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind.

How was lunch?
>>> Delicious! We were treated to lunch (on Warren) at Piccolo Pete’s in downtown Omaha. We had the option of New York strip steak, chicken parmesan, fish of the day, or a veggie burger. I chose steak (duh) and it was great. To finish the meal, we all got Warren’s favorite dessert, root beer floats.

Did you get a picture with him?
>>> I sure did! Mr. Buffett spent well over an hour taking individual pictures with every person at the event. I plan to put mine in a frame along with the autographed copy of TIME Magazine :] Best pose? Him Tebowing. The man is a rockstar.




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