Thinking Big

If you’ve recently asked me what’s going on in my life, you’ve probably gotten an earful about Korio. Most likely it was way more information than you ever wanted to know. If this is the case for you, I apologize. If I haven’t told you about Korio yet, today is your lucky day because I will do so right now! Yes, this is real life. Take a moment to prepare yourself.

As an entrepreneurship major, my senior-year/post-collegiate path is not very well defined. Sometimes I like to joke that being an entrepreneur is just a fancy way of saying “perpetually unemployed,” but I picked this path for a reason. That reason was to eventually be in charge all the time. Control freak much? The answer is yes. Haha. But really… I’ve always romantically thought about a future where I called all the shots. I would stroll into my fabulously hip office space, filled with talented, like-minded individuals who worked hard because they liked their work instead of money, and profits would just roll in from whatever product/service I chose to offer the world. Sounds great, but I do realize this is not how it will ever really be. The truth is, starting a business is hard work, and it’s happening overwhelmingly fast.

As some of you know, I have thought about opening a dance studio someday. It’s always been the logical step for me considering my love of teaching and choreography, but this year things have changed. A wonderful professor has challenged me to think of doing something more. Which brings me to the question, why can’t I come up with the next big thing? It’s gonna happen. Someone’s going to make it happen. Can that someone be me?

Well I’m not entirely sure yet, but it looks like we’re all gonna find out, and way sooner than my daydreams ever accounted for.

To put it briefly, Korio is my attempt at putting a brand on my style of teaching dance. Similar to the Zumba format, I want to standardize my teaching method and come up with a certification course so that instructors can teach it anywhere they want. Unique to this brand is a distribution of unique lesson plans centered around choreographed routines. Sounds simple enough, right? Oh boy…nothing in business is ever simple.

I haven’t even finished my business plan for class yet, and already Korio is running. I have a pilot testing period planned for the month of June, and not one class is completed. I’m absolutely thrilled! And absolutely terrified. Can I really do this?

The majority of what’s going to make this business work is me being confident that it will. It’s taken some time form me to get there, but I have finally arrived in Confidencetown, and I’m moving in! I think I would’ve arrived here a lot sooner had it not been for my love of what is known. I see a lot of my classmates and friends moving to the next steps in their careers with the logical choice. Want to be a doctor? Apply to med school. Want to use that psychology degree? Go to grad school. Want to be an accountant? Get an accounting internship. It all seems so simple. Not easy. I am under no illusion that accomplishing any of those things is at all easy, but the next step is pretty much there for you, and anyone else who wants to do what you want to do will be taking that step too. But what am I supposed to do? If I want to start a business that’s going to take over the national or even global dance-fitness world, what is my summer job? This has been and continues to be my dilemma.

More and more I am determined to put my time into launching Korio in full force this summer. Where I’ll find the time and money have yet to be determined, but boy will it be an interesting ride. I will chronicle the business-starting adventures right here, and I’m so glad that all of  you readers (Mom, Dad, and Brett) will be here with me.


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