Using the Envelope System: Week 1 Update

After one whole week on the budget, I must say, things are going well! Before I refilled my envelopes on Saturday, I still had cash remaining in each of them! Only $1 in the grocery envelope…but whatever.

Here are a couple of ideas to help keep your spending at bay this week:

grocery list1. Make a grocery list

This is simple, but I can’t promote this idea enough! I absolutely love food, and without a plan, I come out of the grocery store with a million snacks and nothing for lunch. Planning things out ahead of time is key to living on a budget.

calculator2. Add as you go in the grocery store

Things add up really quickly in the grocery cart. In order to stay on budget, I add up prices on my phone (you could use an actual calculator if you’re old school) so I know how close I am to my limit. This prevents you having to put items back after an embarrassing interaction with the checkout clerk :/ As I go through the store, I like to pick out something fun to buy that I’ll treat myself to if I’m under budget. Ice cream is a great incentive to spend wisely!

sweater3. Sell some clothes

Make room in your winter wardrobe by going through your closet and selling some items to a local consignment store. Add the money you make to your shopping budget and get that new sweater you want.





Want to try the envelope system? Start Here!


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