How to save for a shopping spree

Lately I’ve been on a kick of entering a lot of sweepstakes contests. Most of them offer some sort of cash prize, and while I’m pretty sure I’d save most of the money if I ever won, I don’t think I could help but go on a little shopping spree. The likelihood of winning such a contest is pretty slim, but there is a way for everyone to give themselves a shopping spree once in a while. I promise.

Case in point, while checking out our new outlet mall yesterday, I came across some pretty good deals in the jeans and workwear departments. Like all good marketing schemes, the savings was a limited time offer, so I decided to go for the purchases and break my strict budgeting rules. Although I had saved up about $60 from the past few weeks, it just wasn’t going to be enough.

Almost immediately after checkout, I started to panic a bit. I’d been working so hard to stay within budget, and it had been helping me so much! How could I justify spending more in one night of shopping than I typically allow myself for an entire week??

That’s when I realized: I had been saving for this all along. If you refer back to when I set up my savings plan, I set up a rainy day fund that had no particular purpose. Every two weeks, a chunk of my pay check magically disappears to this fund before I really even see it. I’ve saved up a healthy sum of money this way, so all I have to do is replace the money from my checking account with the money from the special savings account.

I cannot recommend doing this enough. It’s a blast to know you have an atypical budget for a fun day of splurging. (Though I still recommend finding good deals and making every dollar stretch.)

shopping spree


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