Brett Visits DC

As you can probably assume, I was counting down the days, minutes, hours, and seconds until Brett got here for his 4 day trip. We had so much fun running around town doing touristy things. Not everything went according to plan, but it was still amazing. We got a tour of the Capitol, visited the Holocaust Museum and the Natural History Museum, and didn’t eat anything. NOT!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was going to Georgetown. We were in search of Georgetown Cupcake (another TLC show location). When we got there, we had to wait in a line the ran out the door and up the street for 30 minutes! I splurged for a 1/2 dozen so we could try as many flavors as possible, and of course, they were all amazing! Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to get to Georgetown via public transportation. It requires the riding of the Metro and a bus, but I think I’ll have to stop there at least one more time before the summer’s over.

It was really hard to send Brett back to Chicago (I attempted to bribe him with gifts from the PGA Store, but it didn’t work). The countdown has begun once again, and I can’t believe I only have 5 more weeks here! Where does the time go??

Oh yeah, and I’m working too. That’s going pretty well :]


ChicagOmaha and back again

I had an AMAZING week of visiting! The traveling standby part was really stressful, but it was 100% worth getting to come home for a little while. Got to spend a whirlwind day and a half in Chicago with the Coburn family, and then proceeded to Omaha for Roberts family time and the College World Series! That stadium sure can trap some heat, but amazingly, I avoided a sun burn. Can’t say the same for Brett…but hey…it happens. Made a surprise pit stop back in Chicago on the way to DC, but I got to my house eventually. Unfortunately, my suitcase made it to Baltimore without me, so when I flew into DC, I had to take my first city bus in order to get it back. I’ll really have to go back to Baltimore and spend more than 5 minutes there, because it seemed pretty nice.

Since the big trip, I’ve been back at work and summer camp has begun! We have about 40 children running around the studio space and office building. We desperately need the second studio to open next door, because it is crowded! Since I’m the only camp staff member who wasn’t here last summer, none of the kids can seem to remember my name, but they’re all really friendly. They are also surprisingly energetic at 7am. I think 2 hours is just the right amount of time for me to be with them. It’s actually nice to come up to the office for some quiet afterward (except there’s still singing and African drumming blaring outside).

I’m getting all excited for Brett to arrive on Thursday so I have an excuse to do some touristy things! We’re gonna have so much fun!

And also, since it just wouldn’t be a Jana post without a picture of some food, here is a peanut butter and banana panini with sweet potato fries that I had at Busboys & Poets the other day. It seriously blew my mind!
        ❤ Jana


So the more I write, the more I see this turning into a blog entirely about food. One of the interesting things about having a lot of free time is that I get to go on little adventures in the city to find food as well as experiment as I cook for myself. Yesterday and today I make my goal to find cupcakes, and I succeeded!

Yesterday, I ventured to the Columbia Heights area to locate Sticky Fingers Bakery. I had seen it on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, and was really excited to find myself in their cute retro cafe. What I didn’t realize was that they are an entirely vegan establishment. So I bravely consumed a cupcake made without milk or eggs!

Clearly, I found it disgusting…

Not as mindblowing as I really wanted it to be, but I liked it. It’s a cupcake, what’s not to like?

Today, I went to Chinatown in search of a better cupcake, and I ran into Crumbs. I wanted to take a picture of the case, but pictures weren’t allowed – no joke. Anyway, I selected the double chocolate cupcake (because I’m very calorie conscious) and managed to wait til I got all the way home to devour it!

It was really yummy, and I liked it more than Sticky Fingers, but it was almost sickeningly sweet. I wasn’t too crazy about the frosting, but I ate it all :]

In conclusion, the hunt for the best cupcake in the DC area is still on. Lucky for me, I have two months left to find it.

Happy Eating!  – Jana

PS >> most adventurous thing: are you blind? VEGAN CUPCAKE

Dance Africa!

Lucky lucky interns around here. We get rolling with our jobs just in time to help with the biggest event Dance Place hosts all year! This weekend was the finale to the week long Dance Africa festival. We had numerous dance companies and vendors come from all over to participate. With 7 performances in 3 days and several outdoor demonstrations, we were a busy bunch. It drew a big crowd, and it was really cool to see the energy generated among people from this neighborhood and the larger DC area. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to help people at the front desk and over the phone. It was a long couple of days, but well worth the effort!

That last picture on the right is the front view of Dance Place. Hard to believe we have a theater that seats 160 in there, huh?

Today began the first “regular” work week, but there’s always something new going on. This weekend I’ll be ushering two shows and studio managing. SO glad to be busy :] Also, adventurous thing of this week: taking a hip hop class on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Much love, Jana

And the work begins…

Seeing as how I don’t work on Fridays (yeah, be jealous) I figured it was about time to blog about my first full week here. We won’t start using a regular work schedule until after next week, so I’m not sure what that routine will be like just yet, but I had a lot of fun learning about Dance Place and what some of my jobs will be. They include: sweeping, mopping, stocking bathroom supplies, answering phones, faxing, and replacing printer ink cartridges (and the jealousy continues). It’s cool to see how everyone’s roles help Dance Place grow and provide more opportunities to the community. I’m really excited for camp to start in June. I’ll be providing pre-camp care for kids between 7 and 9 am. I’ve been warned that they tend to be very lively early in the morning, so I’ll be sure to grab my coffee daily.

After our training today, all the interns went out to dinner together and it was a blast. I’m really starting to get to know everyone and I’m so happy that I get to spend Memorial Day Weekend with them. It’s gonna be awesome!

In the spirit of my adventurous summer, I’m going to try to include the most adventurous thing I do in every post. Today’s adventure: baking cookies in a toaster oven. It only took 5 batches, but they were delicious :]

❤ Jana

Overdue Update

So much has happened! I have relocated to Washington DC for the second part of this adventure. There’s a lot to say, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

Last day in NYC:

Alexa and I enjoyed tea at The Plaza on 5th Avenue. It was very fancy shmancy, and we loved it! We each had our own pot of tea and three-tiers of goodies that included finger sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, truffles, and cookies. For little bites of food, they were really filling!

We tried one more time to get tickets to Wicked, but had no luck yet again. Instead we browsed at Bergdorf Goodman. It was the priciest store I had ever seen. Fell in love with a Swarovski crystal penguin evening bag, only $5000. Also got to try on an antique 2 carat diamond ring, a mere $28,000. It was pretty cool to see famous designer things in real life, as well as the people who actually purchase them!

Moving to DC:

Not as much drama getting here. I actually arrived in the city 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Visited the residence where I’ll be living for the next 3 months. It’s a quaint 4 bedroom/2 bathroom townhouse directly across the street from Dance Place. I have the tiniest bedroom, now lovingly nicknamed “The Cell” in reference to it’s jail cell-like dimensions. Not a huge deal. I just need somewhere to sleep.

Yesterday, I mastered the DC Metro system in order to meet my mom and dad at the airport. We had so much fun riding around the city. Thank goodness transportation isn’t too complicated. Managed to pack seeing the White House, Washington Monument, and Post Office Pavilion into one day! Plus some shopping ;]

Had to say goodbye to mom and dad this morning 😦 but I’ve been promised that they’ll return. Can’t wait to discover more things to show them. Internship training officially begins tomorrow, and I am ready!

🙂 ❤

NYC Day 4

Finally took a day to relax! Well…kind of. It was just slightly less intense than the first 3 days of my trip. Starting with…

Brunch – At Odessa Cafe. Huge portions of french toast and bacon. Awesome diner food. My happiness can be seen here:

Resting – Alexa had to return to school for awhile, so I just hung out and got some phone calls made. Very businesslike. In case you’re wondering, I’m leaving for DC at 11am on Friday!

Broadway – We tried once again for lottery tickets to Wicked, but were not lucky. Instead, we took a stroll through central park, and headed back to the East Village for Dinner at…

Veselka – a Ukrainian restaurant just down the street from Alexa’s current apartment. I tried perogies for the first time ever, lovely little fried dumplings filled meat, cheese, spinach, etc. Like baby hot pockets. Except they tasted good. Really good :]

After that, we just hung out and read. I finally got hooked on iBooks on my phone. My goal is to read 30 books this summer. 2 down already! :]

Today is gonna be a fabulous, fancy day. Can’t wait to update tonight!

NYC Day 3

Day 3 officially came to an end about 5 minutes ago, so let’s do a recap, shall we?

Lunch – the best way to start the day, right? (sleeping through breakfast time makes this trip a whole lot cheaper) We dined at Shake Shack, right across from the Natural History Museum. The line was long, and getting a table was hard, but it was definitely worth it!

Museum – At the lovely student rate of 50 cents, I was able to view dinosaurs, African Mammals, Asian Mammals, Ocean life, the Hall of Biodiversity (which is a super condensed stuffed zoo), and the precious gems. Didn’t see anything come to life, but I’d obviously have to be there at night for that ;]

Shopping – There’s no avoiding it. I had to go to H&M, because it’s not in Omaha. After taking 8 things in the dressing room, I escaped with just a belt and a pair of shoes. You’re welcome Daddy!

Dinner – 4 cheese Macaroni courtesy of S’mac! It was pretty rich and heavy, so I only ate about half, but it was good.

Dessert – I somehow made room for some yummy pastries from the world famous Veniero’s. I wanted to devour absolutely everything in the case, but I decided on an eclair, a Napoleon, and a chocolate covered strawberry tart. They lasted a grand total of 30 in the box. Just long enough for me to snap a pick!

I do realize this post is mostly about food, but it was the star of the show. The adventures of my stomach and me continue in the morning! …more like early afternoon, let’s be real. Stay tuned!

NYC Day 2

The fun continued yesterday. So much to do and see! I have no idea how we’ll get it all done.

After I started this blog while waiting for Alexa yesterday, we ate…

Lunch – at Klong. I felt very adventurous trying Thai food. It was so yummy and our lunch specials came with coconut ice cream. Delicious!

Harry Potter Exhibit – It’s on tour at the Discovery Museum near Times Square. We completely nerded out seeing all the props and costumes from the movies. It was so neat! I wish I could’ve taken photos, but it wasn’t allowed. The coolest things by far were all the characters wands. I contemplated purchasing one, but decided it probably wasn’t too useful in daily life :/

Toys R Us – also located in Times Square. It’s four stories high, so we didn’t get to everything, but we did enjoy running around Barbie’s dream house. Oh childhood memories :]

Dinner – grabbed some light fare from Hummus Place. We didn’t want to fill up too much because we were going to…

Max Brenner – for the most amazing dessert ever! Several of Alexa’s friends have birthdays this week, so we went out to celebrate. They were all so nice. The kept asking me what I “really” thought of Alexa. I informed them that, of course, I don’t like her to much and I am using her solely for a place to stay while I’m here 😉 Here is a pic of the fabulous fondue that I shared with my “friend”

As you can see, all the yummy things we dipped into the melted chocolate were gone at this point…but trust me, the spread looked really good!

That’s about everything that took place yesterday. We’re about to head out for lunch now.
Thanks for reading! ❤

Welcome To My Blog!

I have no idea who is going to read this, but I assume that, if you are in fact reading this, you care about what I’m doing this summer. I’ve decided that this is a good way to let people know what I’m up to, but also help me recall what I did on this adventure.

Leg one of the trip: New York City. My first visit!
It’s pretty much exactly like I thought it would be: noisy, crowded, and awesome! Yesterday was day one, and I already did so much! In case you don’t know, I’m here visiting the lovely Alexa Reghenzani, who attends Cooper Union. In fact, I am at Cooper Union right now while Alexa attends fancy architecture student meetings. I was told sit in the computer lab and behave myself :). Our first day of my tourism consisted of a lot.

Sharing Alexa’s apartment – not a lot of space going on, but she is in the process of moving to someplace more worthy of her fabulousness, so that’s exciting.

Breakfast – (be warned, food is a HUGE part of my life. I will describe it often) we stopped by a little bakery where I got a chocolate and banana croissant. AMAZING!

Kleinfelds – As anyone who love’s TLC knows, this is where the show “Say Yes to the Dress” takes place. This bridal salon has the largest selection of dresses in the world, and I love the show. Unfortunately, you can only browse the gowns if you are engaged and have an appointment, but I took a picture in front of it, and that was exciting enough for me!

The Subway – the real kind, not the sandwich chain. Not as scary as I thought it’d be, but I wouldn’t have known where to get off without Alexa. I won’t be riding it alone any time soon.

Times Square! – it looks just like it does on tv and in movies. I was very impressed by the massiveness of the advertisements. Didn’t have a chance to really stop and absorb anything, because we were on our way to…

Wicked – The only way to see the show for less than $150.00 is to enter the lottery that they have. They give away 13 pairs of tickets an hour before the show starts. We entered our names, but were not selected :(. We might try again later in the week though! Instead we went to…

Billy Elliot – So good! It was my first Broadway show, and I adored it. 11 year old kids on Broadway make me feel very average. I wish I was doing something like that. Mental note: dance better.

Victoria’s Secret – was having a special event with a DJ and free prizes, so we went and got free cups and hung out for a few hours. Didn’t win anything, but I now know every single product they sell.

Cheap Food – got a 99 cent hot dog from a street vendor and a dollar slice of pizza after that. Not a bad late night snack 🙂

Well that’s all for day one! We shall see what the rest of today has to offer :]